Foodblog: Eating the best gelato in Venice

Hi Ciccioneggers! It should be no surprise to anyone that Italy is not only the country of love, but also the land of ice cream (or gelato in Italian). If you visit Venice during the hot and humid Italian summer, there is nothing better than a relaxing stroll along the breathtaking and countless canals and alleys of the Laguna with a tasty and refreshing ice cream in hand.

St. Mark Square view from the Laguna

As Gelaterie are scattered throughout the island, it is very easy to fall into a tourist trap that sells low quality desserts made of artificial flavorings or preservatives.

In order to avoid it and to fully enjoy your foodie experience, here is a list of the creamiest and most delicious gelato that you can find in Venice (please click on the name of the place to be redirected to the official page)

La Mela Verde

La Mela Verde ice cream
Basil and lime and caramel ice cream

Just a few steps from San Mark’s square, La Mela Verde is a small artisan parlor which uses 100% natural and high-quality ingredients. The flavors changes frequently to offer the best products of the season. Fruit flavors are highly recommended.

Gelateria Il Doge

With two parlors located in Dorsoduro, one of the most lively areas of the city, they offer a wide range of flavors, including eight different versions of the excellent chocolate of Modica and the homemade Crema del Doge (a yummy mix of cream, candied orange and chocolate), at a good quality-price ratio.  

Gelatoteca Suso

Gelatoteca Suso ice cream
Pistachio with strawberry syrup and nougat icecream

This shop is surely a Mecca for Instagrammers. A unique mix of exotic flavors (like mascarpone with figs and walnuts, chocolate and dark cherry or ginger with cinnamon) will satisfy every customer’s taste. Vegan options are available too.

So, dear Ciccioneggers, are you ready to taste some authentic gelato in Venice? Leave a comment below about your impressions and experience!

Al prossimo ciccionegging!

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  1. Davin Lewis ha detto:

    Certainly something I will try when I head back to Venice. Lovely article. Flavours sound really exotic.

    Piace a 1 persona


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